Shipping Updates

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Last updated 4/13/2024

Monthly Boxes

March Morgan Elizabeth boxes have all been dropped off.

April Elizabeth O'Roark boxes have also all been dropped off. They may take a few days to fully scan in. Overlays will be shipped seperately.

ONYX. Boxes

Rina Kent ONYX. Volume I is expected to ship in Mid-April after Readers Take Denver. Due to limited packing space, April monthly boxes will be shipped out first.

Rina Kent ONYX. Volume II is expected to ship May/June.

Special Boxes

KBR Paperback slipcase replacements are expected to ship end of May/early June.

Eternal Embers x Larryreads is expected to ship in July.

Shop Items

Any overstock items or stickers will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. 


Season of the Vampire Omnibuses have all been shipped.

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