General Questions 

What should we expect in our monthly box? 

Every box will feature one author and include two foiled books with totally redesigned exclusive covers and interiors. 

Paperback Box: Inside, colored character art will be printed into the the book, and both books will come in a foiled slipcase. It will also include a sticker, bookmark and tarot card themed to the box!

Hardcover Box: Inside it will feature colored endpaper designs, a colored character art page, and printed edge designs. Both books will come in a foiled slipcase. There is no swag for the hardcover box.  

Both paperback and hardcover sets feature the same cover and slipcase designs. On months where we plan to complete the series, a swag item will replace the slipcase. 

What kinds of books should we expect? 

We like to feature a diverse array of tropes within the contemporary romance genre. This includes new adult, taboo, reverse harem, angsty and many many more. Our Monthly box is focused more on contemporary romance, while ONYX. is exclusively dark romance, and Ethereal is exclusively romantasy/PNR. 

Can I order multiple boxes? 

At this time, we only allow customers to order one box unless otherwise specified. If we see that you are ordering more than one box, we reserve the right to cancel your order. 

Do you do reprints? 

Because we pride our box in being exclusive and special to our customers, we generally will not be reprinting any books in our box. Under special circumstances, we may consider reprinting, but please understand that this is not the norm. 

Monthly Subscription

Can I skip or cancel a box? 

Yes! Our current skip policy allows you 4 skips per calendar year. Skips can be consecutive. You will not lose early access for the months you chose to skip, as long as you are an active subscriber, you get early access to special boxes. You will be able to cancel anytime through your account when you log in to our site.

Skips reset on Janurary 1st of the next calendar year. Cancelling your subscription and resubscribing will not reset your skips. Skips are based on calander year per person. 

How much will it cost?

For US customers you will be charged $65.99 every month including shipping for the paperback set and $74.99 for the hardcover set. For International customers, the box will cost $60.99 + shipping for the paperback set or 69.99 + shipping for the hardcover set. 

Will one-time purchases be available?

There will be a very limited amount of one-time purchases available for those who prefer it. These will go on sale 48 hours after renewals for active subscribers (so the 17th of the month prior) but they will cost $69.99 as opposed to the subscription. One-time purchases are only available in paperback. 

What is the schedule?

Subscriptions will always renew on the 15th of the previous month for active subscribers and you can subscribe anytime as long as we have spots. If you subscribe before the 15th you will receive the NEXT months box but anytime after will be for the month after. Featured authors won’t be announced until the 12th of the previous month, but you may subscribe any time we have spots open.
Boxes will ship by the end of the month (January box ships end of January etc)

Will the authors be revealed?

Yes, we will reveal authors and covers before renewals and you will have at least 3 days to skip or cancel.

ONYX. Quarterly Subscription

Can I skip or cancel a box?

Unfortunately our ONYX. subscription does not allow skips. You are able to cancel the subscription anytime.

How much will it cost?

The ONYX. subscription costs $65 shipped in the US and $60 + shipping for international residents. Renewals will occur every three months on the first of the month.

Will one-time purchases be available?

We will only offer any damaged overstock copies we have to those on the ONYX. waitlist.

What is the schedule?

ONYX. quarters are as follows: February-April, May-July, August-October, November-January. Renewals occur on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. They are expected to ship by the end of the respective quarter. For instance the May-July ONYX. book is expected to ship by the end of July.


Do I have to subscribe to purchase boxes? 

No! Ethereal is stricly preorders and one-time purchases. Neither of our two subscription boxes will get early access to boxes under ethereal. 

How much does it cost? 

Since every box for Ethereal will vary, the cost of each box will change depending on the number of books and other factors. Please check out Instagram for the latest announcements. 



Do you offer free or international shipping?

Shipping within the US is always INCLUDED in the cost of the item. Shipping internationally is always calculated at checkout. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes we do! We use UPS Worldwide Expedited (USPS First Class International is avaliable for Canadian customers) only for our international orders, which comes with insurance and a speedy shipping time (though a specific shipping timeframe is not guaranteed, shipping times generally take about a week). Because international shipping is expensive, we allow customers to bulk order international shipments, provided they let us know the names of the people who are supposed to receive the book. However, we are only responsible for shipping the books to the address on the order. 


Will we be able to track our orders?

Yes. Once a label has been created, you will be emailed the tracking number and be able to see where it is.

    Returns & Replacements 

    Do you offer refunds? 

    Unfortunately, we can only process refunds or cancel orders 1 hour after a purchase is made if the products have not been delivered. Otherwise, once you place an order it is final. If you have a question about a refund, please email us at contact@eternalembersbookshop.com

    If my book comes damaged, can I get it replaced? 

    We are so sorry that your books have arrived damaged. Within one week of receiving the box/book, please email contact@eternalembersbookshop.com with your order number and photos of the damage. Once we verify that we are able to replace your book, we will send a shipping label to return the book to us and we will ship out a replacement to you. Please return the book within 2 weeks. 

    What happens if my package is lost? 

    First, we are so sorry that your package has been lost. Since all our boxes are shipped via insured and tracked mail or UPS worldwide expedited/standard, we will first contact USPS or UPS to see if they are able to recover your package. If they are not, we will be happy to send you another box.